20X20 Mariwasa Ceramic Tiles Sahara Green

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  • Matte flooring with sand-like pattern for indoor and outdoor flooring
  • Ceramic tile for indoor and outdoor use in matte surface finish. Applicable for floor and wall application.
  • Why choose Mariwasa tiles?
    • No water mapping
    • Easy to clean and stain resistant
    • Durable
    • Picture-perfect designs
    • Random print pattern
    • Technical support
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Application: Indoor & Outdoor

Surface: Matte

Function: Floor & Wall

Color: Green

Material: Ceramic

Width: 2o cm

Length: 20 cm

Height/Thickness: 6.35 cm

Weight: 0.46 kg

Source: Local


Product Tips

  •  It is best to hire skilled labor to do the tile installation.
  • Use tile spacer toa avoid misalignment during tile installation.
  • Adapt the 4-5mm grout spacing for 30X30cm tile
  •  Segregate the tile according to size and shade code to avoid mixed shade and code.

Care Warning Instruction

  •  For flat surfaces, clean with a wash cloth, nylon brush, mop or sponge soaked in neutral cleaner such as detergent.
  •  For textured surfaces, sweep and brush in two directions: first follow the pattern of the tile, then brush diagonally to ensure that all dirt is removed.
  •  Never wax tile surfaces. This will make dirt and stains adhere to the tile surface and make these difficult to remove.
  •  Do not use a metal brush or a scouring pad to clean the tiles. The rough material will scratch the tile surface and wear away the glaze reducing the protection for your floor surface and leading to the adherence of stains.

Additional information

Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 6.35 cm

Indoor & Outdoor




Floor & Wall








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