Song Gianh Portland Cement TYPE 1


Song Gianh Portland Cement is suitable for your general construction need.

Intended for structural reinforced concrete construction such as foundations, columns, beams, slabs, pavements of buildings, houses and bridges, etc.

Product Tips

  1. During 1-3 days of curing process, concrete should be sprayed with water to avoid crack.
  2. A bag of cement should be finished within 1 day. If not seal the bag tightly.
  3. Cement should be stored under shade and away from moisture with pallets being raised above the ground.

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Marketing Description
High Strength Fast Setting Value for Money
Care Warning Instruction
  1. Avoid eyes and skin contact by wearing eye/face protection and waterproof clothing, footwear and gloves
  2. Avoid inhaling the dust. If so, move the person to a place with fresh air and give artificial respiration when needed. Seek for medical attention if needed
  3. If swallowed, drink a lot of water and seek medical attention 
  4. When liftingm use the muscles in the legs to lift, avoid liftiing using your back
  5. Keep out of children reach

SCG Cement – Building Materials Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Standard Tag
PNS 07:2005
Award And Label

ASTM, ISO 17025, Vilas 206

Additional information

Weight 40 kg


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